ICMediaDirect Leaders Showcase Importance of Google Reputation

IC Media Direct is a prestigious PR and online management agency from NYC. IC Media Direct is a leader when it comes to using Google algorithms to increase positive results. Since 1996, the leading company has been helping companies and individuals present positive messages to a higher page ranking in search results as online reputation management has gained a pivotal role in effective brand management. See your Online Reputation Report now, by visiting http://www.icmediadirect.com

 “The first step to effectively managing your online reputation is to always assume that you will be Googled,” an expert at IC Media Direct says. “This may seem clear to some Internet users today, but even the most established companies can downplay or overlook this concern and damage their credibility. If a piece of information is online, it will be found eventually.” Leading marketing specialists from the firm reveal that with more users reviewing products and services online than ever before, Google now plays a crucial role in today’s Internet-driven society.

Online reputation management is facing continued reforms in the 21st century, as companies adapt to take advantage of every social media platform available to them. In addition to managing Google searches, IC Media Direct takes control over all major blogs and social media accounts on behalf of their clientele to further increase their positive online presence. Their strategy includes creating consistent, brand-cohesive, and relative content. Clients also take up the opportunity to receive feedback through their social media, communicate with existing or potential customers, and encourage employees to convey the company’s positive message.

IC Media Direct is the worldwide leader in reputation management that provides its services to businesses and individuals in 49 different countries. The company was founded in 1996, two years before Google, and has successfully evolved, creating strategies that allow 100% control of online search results. Helping CEOs, celebrities, doctors, and real estate investors, their specialists often attend conferences around the world to share their expertise, including LeadsCon, Content Rising Summit, ad:tech, and Affiliate Summit. To see your Online Reputation Report, visit http://www.icmediadirect.com

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