IC Media Direct – Introduces the Newest Google Brand Repair Tool at Leadscon Las Vegas

LeadsCon is an important conference in the developing vertical media and direct response marketing sector. The conference organizes events that highlight industry leaders and keeps those who joined up to date with the newest trends. The most recent LeadsCon event was in Las Vegas and held at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. It was marked by the attendance of industry leader, IC Media Direct, who used the occasion to present their groundbreaking Google Brand Repair solution.

Thousands of attendees, dozens of sessions and unlimited networking opportunities created the perfect opportunity for ICMediaDirect.com representatives to not only showcase their new products, but get first-hand inspiration from existing and potential customers on how to make their great service portfolio even better. In the two decades that IC Media Direct has functioned as a driving force in the online reputation business, LeadsCon conferences have become a vital instrument to meet peers and pros, foster relationships, and gather ideas for new technologies.

IC Media Direct was joined by a plethora of businesses from every segment of the vertical media universe, from marketing service companies to technology solution providers, ad agencies, marketers, and even venture companies searching for profitable investments. Speeches, discussions and learning forums, offered, saw valuable insights into the most effective strategies and latest trends. Speakers and moderators from Lending Tree, Twitter, Google and other major companies were on hand to share their knowledge, while targeted sessions such as ‘Opportunities in Education’ and ‘Mobile Focused Lead Gen’ resulted in the type of specific tutelage one would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

IC Media Direct has long been a participant and sponsor of LeadsCon Las Vegas as well as LeadsCon New York. In step with the conferences’ desire to invite industry leaders to present their unique talents, the marketing agency was on hand to discuss their singular ability to repair reputations of individuals and companies that have had the unfortunate experience of a negative picture being painted of them online. While many other considerations come into vertical media and direct marketing, reputation and public perception is of course at the very basis of successfully marketing any entity. Delving into the realities of how quickly an online reputation can be tarnished and the basics of what it takes to successfully reverse such a situation, the agency’s presentation was considered by many to be a highlight of the conference.

Full service PR and marketing agency, IC Media Direct, has been providing their groundbreaking services for nearly 20 years. One of the first marketing agencies to truly understand the potential of the Internet in its early stages, they also noted the extent positive or negative internet reputations can have on an individual or organization. As a result, the New York and Washington D.C.-based agency developed strategies that provide 100% control over Google search results, eliminating undesirable and confusing results. Clients from Fortune 500 CEOs to top sporting personalities have relied on ICMediaDirect.com, while major marketing events and conferences such as LeadsCon, Affiliate Summit and ad:tech welcome the agency year after year to share their knowledge and insight.

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