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A business looking to improve needs to manage its Google reputation. As the online world grew larger, a brand can be negatively impacted by adverse reviews in only minutes.

New York-based online reputation expert, ICMediaDirect, focuses on the art of online brand management, working with a client roster that includes international companies, leading athletes, business moguls, and high-ranking personalities from the entertainment industry.

The image of an individual or business is shaped by the information that people can find about them online, which is why the first step ICMediaDirect takes in order to manage a client’s reputation is to control the first page of search engine results. A skilled team of IT and marketing experts and a group of professional writers create positive and newsworthy content in the form of press releases and publish those articles on leading news sites, including the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo News, Bloomberg, MSNBC, Reuters, and other key media outlets, to guarantee the best possible coverage through world-respected publications.

In today’s media-driven society it is imperative for a business to communicate effectively and creatively in order to fully capitalize on its efforts and achievements. A company’s online reputation can make or break it, so it is crucial to have a long-term strategy for an optimized public relations plan. Clients come to ICMediaDirect for support on how to present themselves in the public eye via an intelligent branding strategy. The experienced team knows all the ins and outs of the modern media dynamics and offers valuable advice on how to present a business image through various media channels. PR executives work closely with their clients to develop a tailor-made strategy and branding message and boost their public online visibility.

Founded in 1996, two years before Google, ICMediaDirect has developed effective strategies backed by more than two decades of research and experience that allow 100% control over search results. Using sophisticated algorithms and the creative application of cutting-edge marketing techniques, clients’ undesirable search results can be replaced by positive, intentional links from reputable media sources, giving them the attention that they really deserve.

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