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IC Media Direct is an expert in online reputation management, as they have many years of experience in working with Google search engine and internet PR. Nowadays, companies get easily damaged by negative online reviews. Examples of companies and organizations adversely affected by negative online reputations abound – with the results ranging from lost revenue to the complete destruction of a hard earned and recognizable name, which requires a complete rebranding. Probably the biggest factor affecting a brand’s reputation is what appears in a Google search. 

ICMediaDirect.com’s expertise is easy to fathom when looking at the PR and marketing agency’s history: Founded in 1996, it predates Google by two years. From the very beginning, the agency understood the importance a brand’s online reputation would have on its overall image. As quick and easy as it is for unflattering information, accurate or not, to be posted and spread on the Internet, current and prospective clients can be exposed to the very same by just typing in an individual or organization’s name. The pioneering agency set about developing a solution to this problem, and today, after almost twenty years of experience, offers services that are guaranteed to have a 100% success rate.

It is their unique understanding of Google’s search engine and online marketing at large combined with strategic partnerships that sets IC Media Direct apart and allows them to achieve impressive results. Their staff writes for such respected publications as The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Bloomberg and numerous other premium news websites. The agency then works directly with Google Inc. to ensure that these articles are displayed on the first Google search page, displacing the undesirable results that may confuse clients and tarnish an image, which allows for complete control of Google search results. Many individuals and companies that have used other services that claim to offer reputation repair have learned the hard way: simply attempting to blast Google with new articles will not garner the same results – in fact, due to Google’s increasingly complex algorithms and the watchful eye of business observers, this is likely to further damage a brand’s reputation.

ICMediaDirect.com’s client list is testament to their market leader status. Fortune Top 500 CEOs, High-End Celebrity Jewelers, Olympic Gold Medalists, Politicians, Executive level Bankers, and Top Motivational Speakers among others have all utilized the agency’s services to great success. The firm’s clients are individuals and companies based in 49 countries and are served in nearly as many languages. The impressive client list speaks volumes about the extent to which IC Media Direct can repair and maintain online reputations. This success has also been recognized by the industry – the agency often finds itself mentioned favorably in the press and has been the recipient of awards including Excellence in Commerce, presented to companies that achieve demonstrable success and commercial recognition in their respective fields while upholding desirable business ethics.

IC Media Direct is a full service PR and content marketing agency with locations in New York City and Washington, DC. They are recognized as an industry innovator, pioneering online brand repair services and unrivaled in the niche of Google brand repair. This recognition has resulted in the agency acting as a top-tier sponsor and participant in major marketing events and conferences including ad:tech, Affiliate Summit, Leadscon, SES and New York City Fashion Week. 

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