IC Media Direct – Introduces Their Third Innovative Book

IC Media Direct, leaders in PR and marketing, are announcing their third book, titled Second Chance at First Impression. During the latest ad:tech New York conference, the agency explained that a special release of 500 copies of the manual will soon be available. The early edition will contain a collection of over one hundred articles that comprehensively discuss the latest online reputation management trends, and an in depth look into the firm’s strategy of providing 100% control of search results for elite individuals and high end brands.

As businesses and individuals recognize the impact of their digital footprint, optimizing search engine results has become imperative to both PR and customer acquisition. Many corporations utilize dedicated social media accounts that rank well on Google, such as Facebook and Twitter, but still struggle with irrelevant or negative listings. A third of all people click on the first search result, and over three quarters never leave the first page. Effectively managing that content allows for the full control of branding and the promotion of products or services through websites, blogs, and social media. Being two years older than Google, IC Media Direct has been able to perfect their strategies, build trust with an established client base, and rise above their competition. Their book will chronicle how the company has grown and skillfully adapted to the quick pace at which technology changes, and shows how others can do the same.

Second Chance at a First Impression is the product of years of research and collaboration, and contains contributions from authorities in various Internet marketing industries, including Interactive Marketing Strategies, Blog Marketing, Display Media Advertising, Online Public Relations, and many more. The publication’s authors have decades of combined experience and offer invaluable insights into their respective fields. In addition to covering the foundation of establishing a positive online presence, the book’s detailed subchapters provide advanced and alternate strategies for the aspiring Internet industry expert. Readers can learn about the branding, product development, and business strategies used by multinational corporations and millionaire entrepreneurs that continue to shape the global landscape of online reputation management.

For over two decades, IC Media Direct has set the standard in full service public relations and online reputation management. The firm believes that first impression is everything and offers their clients a second chance at first impression by completely transforming their first page of Google search results with positive and pre-approved content that is published on the world’s top news publications. By publishing relevant, captivating, and shareable news articles, undesirable search results are pushed down and effectively eliminated. The company has won the New York Excellence Award from the Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce for three consecutive years, and is a regular sponsor of industry conferences including the Affiliate Summit, Leadscon, and ad:tech.

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