IC Media Direct Joins CSEW Conference

ICMediaDirect, online reputation management agency, joined the Connect conference in Miami, organized by Search Engine Watch.  Speaking at the conference, were some of the foremost thought leaders and innovators in the online marketing industry, offering their expertise on SEO, digital acquisition, brand development, and various other topics. ICMediaDirect met with several keynote speakers over the course of the two-day conference, establishing their public relations prowess while determining how to apply new, inventive strategies to their proven marketing formula.

In a world dominated by its online sector and the power of social media, maintaining a positive online image is more pertinent than ever. The unimaginable growth of mobile, smarter search tactics, and ever-changing user behavior have ushered in a new era of search marketing, one where it is essential to stay ahead of its current trends. Search Engine Watch has been providing search engine and search marketing news, advice, and commentary for over 20 years, and through the CSEW conference explained how to excel in this new era, providing a two-track educational agenda designed to lead the discussion in the latest strategies and technologies.

ICMediaDirect’s exceptional depth of knowledge regarding online brand management and search engine tendencies contributed to the topics at hand, specifically when discussing organic search. A renewed emphasis was placed upon engaging with organic search at CSEW, with the full service public relations company presenting trendsetting SEO tools and diagnostics for the skilled search mechanic. The international brand managers also displayed proficiency in link building and next generation search techniques, providing competitive, sector-leading data.

Founded in 1996, ICMediaDirect has become a relentless force in the industry with offices in New York City and Washington, DC, and provides its unparalleled services worldwide. Advertisement and online reputation packages are customized for each individual or company and their specific needs, and have vastly improved the Internet presence of professional athletes, politicians, executive-level bankers, fortune top 500 CEOs, top motivational speakers, high-end celebrity jewelers, music agents, artists, and many more. Major marketing conferences and events frequently benefit from ICMediaDirect’s participation and sponsorships, amongst them Affiliate Summit, Leadscon, SES, and the ad:tech conference in New York, where companies and individuals from the advertising and technology worlds come together to exchange ideas, listen to keynote speeches on current topics. and contribute to industry trends and initiatives.

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