IC Media Direct – Discusses This Year’s Internet Marketing Trends

As internet marketing continues to change, some channels are prioritized by marketers. These include video ads, mobile optimization, and app indexing. IC Media Direct, PR and reputation management agency offers insights on the most recent marketing trends and assists its clients in increasing their internet presence. Remaining up to date about important shifts in trends is essential, as it allows companies to adapt and create a unique voice across various platforms. Additionally, it is important for the marketing community to consider through which device they want audiences to receive their message. See your Online Reputation Report now, by visiting http://www.icmediadirect.com

According to IC Media Direct, the latest trend of video advertisements among mobile marketing will see the largest investment of time and capital from new companies. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer options for creating targeted video content that specifically addresses their audience and so brands can now build media campaigns that best utilize this option. As a result, video ads will begin to appear in Google search results, engaging audiences while generating more Return On Investment. This new trend with video will coincide focusing largely on mobile audiences, and devices, which are becoming more media-friendly. ComScore states that mobile traffic on the Internet is overtaking that of desktop, as smartphone usage is up 394 percent from 2010-2014. Combined with the rise of tablets and wearable technology, brands should be aware of video ads and app development, as well as how they will change mobile marketing trends.

IC Media Direct also suggests that digital assistants like Apple’s Siri and Windows’ Cortana will help revolutionize the world of marketing. These devices use search engines to find information, and so advertisers will need to implement a more sophisticated method of optimization into each strategy they design. Companies can easily optimize their websites for digital assistants by adapting content for longer keyword phrases and more conversational vocabulary, to ensure the highest chance of being recognized by the technology.

The recent development of virtual reality is likely to cause a big shift among the trends that companies are expecting to face this year. Recent reports have suggested that Apple has been working on prototypes and invested in its technology, while Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Sony’s PlayStation VR are launching within the year. IC Media Direct believes virtual reality gives brands an opportunity to deliver messaging that will outperform other devices, due to the hyper-focus of users and the novelty of the technology. The travel industry is already adopting some of these methods, with Marriott creating the first-ever virtual reality vacation experience.

IC Media Direct is a full-service public relations and marketing agency that assists businesses in repairing online reputation through the use of various media platforms. The company was founded in 1996, two years before Google, and has served top clients including Fortune 500 companies, politicians, celebrities, and Olympic Gold medalists. IC Media Direct was awarded the New York Excellence Award by the Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce (SBIEC) for two consecutive years, thanks to the company’s track record of helping clients build their positive online presence. Last year, the company also published a ground-breaking handbook on Google brand repair.

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