IC MediaDirect Accepts Excellence Award from SBIEC

Nowadays, consumers often experience information overload, which makes it harder for businesses to reach them. To successfully market their brand, companies need to hire a PR rep that knows how to create viable, internet friendly marketing campaigns.  IC MediaDirect has been the premier PR and content marketing firm specializing in online exposure and search result control for nearly 20 years – a fact that has been evidenced yet again by their latest accolade, the SBIEC Excellence in Commerce Award.

The Washington, D.C.-based Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce (SBIEC) focuses on researching, evaluating, and recognizing companies that meet its high standards of excellence. Through yearly business surveys and industry research, SBIEC identifies companies that achieve demonstrable success and commercial recognition in their respective fields while they also demonstrate a high regard for upholding business ethics and company values on a consistent manner.  In choosing awardees, the panel puts a particular focus on organizations that not only exceed industry benchmarks for product quality, but also display exemplary customer service and ethical practices.

Unrivaled in the area of online marketing experience, ICMD is a pioneering agency that has been providing clients with highly visible and expertly targeted online exposure for 19 years. Predating Google itself, their singular understanding of online reputation management has resulted in a strategy that allows for complete control of Google search results – an essential tool in brand building or repair. With staff writing for key media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, and Bloomberg, the invaluable coverage a brand receives as a result becomes another major marketing tool. The firm’s clients are individuals and companies based in 49 countries and are served in nearly as many languages. With the successes seen last year, this one looks to be an even more notable with an ever-growing roster of clients and its busiest conference schedule yet.

IC MediaDirect is a full service PR and content marketing agency with locations in New York City and Washington DC. Founded in 1996, they foresaw the need for elite individuals and high end brands to have control over their online presence and are now the go-to choice for Fortune Top 500 CEOs, High-End Celebrity Jewelers, Olympic Gold Medalists, Politicians, Executive-level Bankers, and Top Motivational Speakers, among others. Highly respected in the industry, they routinely provide featured speakers and act as top-tier sponsors to major marketing events and conferences including Affiliate Summit, Leadscon, SES, ad:tech, and New York City Fashion Week. They are also a proud supporter of a number of organizations, including the Jewish National Fund, the AJC Global Jewish Advocacy, and the American Jewish World Service.

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