ICMediaDirect- Introduces New Branding Techniques at ASE Conference

IC Media Direct joined the most recent Affiliate Summit East Conference to talk about the new branding techniques for this year. For 2 days in July and August, the yearly conference gathered together numerous online marketers, sellers, networkers and media channels from more than 70 countries. ICMD spoke on the impact an impeccable online brand can have on both businesses and individuals, breaking down several of the innovative techniques they use to optimize their clients’ web footprint.

The company behind ASE 2017, Affiliate Summit, Inc. was founded in 2003. After rapidly acquiring a reputation for managing highly successful marketing projects and numerous popular events, educational sessions and tradeshows, co-owners Shawn Collins and Missy Ward combined their 30 years of experience in affiliate marketing to develop a conference that would provide the interpersonal networking and information exchange that has become necessary for businesses to thrive in today’s fast paced digital world. The landmark Affiliate Summit events have grown invaluable for their opportunities to learn, share and exchange ideas with the marketing industry’s foremost thought leaders. Attendees including start-ups, merchants and vendors are able to gain expert insights on effective business development strategies and the latest digital innovations while growing their professional network. Last year, keynote speakers included Joe Theismann, entrepreneur and former star NFL quarterback of the Washington Redskins, Larry Kim, founder of WordStream, the world’s leading PPC software company, JB Glossinger, MBA, Ph.D, the man behind MorningCoach.com.

As an established provider of leading, state of the art solutions for the comprehensive management of online brands, ICMediaDirect has been delighted to share their world-class expertise with ASE attendees for the past several years. While many organizations struggle to formulate viable, responsive digital media campaigns, ICMD has developed a strategic method to suppress unfavorable publicity while simultaneously promoting proactive brand messaging across each of the Internet’s top search engines. With consistent, positive messages being projected online, clients are able to influence their public image while increasing lead generation to their respective businesses.

ICMediaDirect is an award-winning public relations and online reputation management company with over 20 years of digital experience. Founded in 1996 as a small tech start-up, ICMD has grown to become a global force in the marketing industry with offices in New York City and Washington, DC. Thanks to an extensive suite of professional marketing strategies supported by state-of-the-art technologies and a team of the industry’s leading experts, the company has learned how to optimize Google search results to promote positive information while pushing down less desirable search results. Advertisement and online reputation packages are customized for each individual or company, and have vastly improved the Internet presence of numerous professional athletes, politicians, bankers, artists and Fortune 500 executives. To access your personal or corporate Online Reputation Report, visit ICMediaDirect today at www.icmediadirect.com.

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